What We Offer

The following is a list of standard offerings:                                                                                                                            

 These are not exhaustive or set in stone - please ask if what you are looking for is not shown here.

 Generally keynotes are exploratory and information rich. We recommend they are coupled with a workshop whenever possible.

  Interactive facilitated workshops can be held at a sales conference or as in-house training – follow-up support is available and advisable.

  Some subjects are self-explanatory. Others have additional links to more detail. Please contact us for further  explanation. 

  One shot wonders rarely work and so all material below is flexible in delivery, from keynotes, seminars, workshops, coaching, webinars or online sales training - all depending on your requirements.

  Several of Bill’s programs are approved under the New Zealand Trade & Enterprise Management Capability Development Scheme to receive a percentage co-funding for approved NZ businesses. Your company may be eligible. We can send you details or you can go online to NZTE to find out more.


Keynotes, Workshops, Coaching and Online Training



Flying Duck Marketing

1. How to Attract and Keep Customers

Exploring new theories around how corporate's must change to stay ahead. Once you see the proofs you will be changed. Aimed at management


2. The Changing Face of Marketing                                                                                                    

A look at how sales and marketing must now work together to succeed.

3. Know Your Own Duck Call + Finding the Right Pond                                                                                 

Knowing why people buy from you, where they swim and how to reach them - marketing fundamentals. 

4. Ducks Flock Together (Referrals Without Fear)

Leveraging who your customers know so both parties are comfortable 

5. Adding to the Flock (Referral Systems)

Creating automated referrals as part of your marketing package 

6. Visiting the Pond (A Gold Mine From Networking)

Putting yourself in the way of opportunity. Converting introductions to appointments 

7. Revisiting Your Flock (Data Base Mining)

Low cost ways to pick the best prospects from your existing data base effortlessly.

8. Zero Dollar Marketing 

 No cost/ low cost guerrilla style marketing ideas that maximise what you already have in place - fun and free! 



9. Flying Together (Money Making Business Relationships) 

Work with like-minded organisations and individuals to create continuous new business.


10. Rebuilding the Nest (In-house Brain Storm Sessions)

For business that have the resources but not the ideas 




Low Logic Approach


1. The Low Logic Approach

Explaining why prospects react so positively to this approach and what is in it for the user

Plus  workshops on who and how to target.



2. The Approach - By Phone (Don't Call Cold - Call Gold) 

An A to Z phone calling that sees prospects become appointments.

This can be focused on cold calls, warm leads, to reconnecting with existing clients.



3. The Approach - Email and Letter 

The art of the written marketing approach. 



Sales From The Comfort Zone

1. The 3 R's to Rocketing Results 

The foundations of being REAL, RELATING, and being RELEVANT combine logic with the human connection.

Sales people have light bulb moments and want to use the ideas tomorrow. 



2. Fast Impressions That Count 

The first 3 minutes will make of break a sales situation. Make a connection and win the business.



3. Essential Sales Skills 

Setting the foundation for a new sales approach for new and experienced sales professionals.

More information here 



4. Sales for Non-salespeople  

The key to bring introverts and technical experts into the world of honest persuasion.

Sales in a way they will embrace and use.

More information here 



 5. Cross Selling and Up Selling 

The ability to spot and nurture additional opportunity through to concluding the business.

More information here 



6. Customer Service is About Customer Loyalty 

 Research shows that the secret to ongoing sustainable customer service is not to 'wow' the customer

 but to fix it right the first time. A research based keynote aimed at management. 



7. Customer Service Excellence 

The key to a sustainable business is keeping the clients we have spending more and bringing their friends.

 A complete program.



8. Truth Based Selling 

A complete process for organisations that feel they have to start over



9. Building Strong Business Relationships 

 Too often there is no planning around our key business relationships.

Our 'A' clients get less attention than our 'C' clients! Create a purposeful plan to keep your key clients



10. The Skill Set Basket

Here you will find our unique approach to the usual sales areas - resilience, objection handling, closing,

questioning, territory management, sales time management, etc.



11. One Company One Direction 

We often think of the competition as being our biggest threat – but it is not.  It is actually the actions of the people and relationships within the organisation that do the most damage.



Breakfast Sales Seminars 

In today’s competitive markets, it’s winning and retaining new business that makes the difference. So improve your sales and business development teams with our monthly Breakfast Sales Series.

We have developed these short inexpensive sessions to apply to ALL levels of experience, so that participants from many areas of your business can develop or refresh their skills and attitudes to achieve valuable results.

Each month we will uncover different ideas and techniques to help you sell as yourself and give you an unfair advantage over your competition. 

Join us for breakfast and

   Sharpen your Sales skills

   Recharge your batteries

   Learn from other sales professionals

You will gain tools at each session that you can add to your sales process the next day to see measurable improvement in your results.


Check with Bill for the next session topic and venue 


BOSS - Business Owners Sales Sense                                 

Are your sales teams becoming order takers? 

Do even your best, leave money on the table? 

Do you get more excuses than results?

Sales are the life blood of your business – when sales are down business is down!

Join us to explode your business by adding the 3 missing pieces to your sales jigsaw and experience;

     A new sales attitude to try and a want to succeed.

    Your sales system running like clockwork with actionable ideas adding a new dimension.

     Quick wins and a significant sales increase this week, next week and for years to come.

You do not have to radically change their existing sales processes to achieve remarkable results – you just need the missing pieces put in place. Some of the subjects will look familiar but what we do with them is very different.

Learn more here


How does this work? 

  A pre-session analysis of attendees to fine tune needs.

 One public 3 hour group session a month to cover needed skills - Inquire when the next BOSS group starts

 One in-house 2 hour session a month to customise and integrate ideas into your business

 On-call coaching – Call and get the help you need BEFORE they see the client –more wins!                                                                                                           

 » This program is approved for NZTE funding – you may be eligible to have your investment subsidised, by up to 50%.

»» Once the program starts you will have to wait for the next one before you can enroll.

Your investment is $2750 + gst per month 

(For 1- 4 team members and with the right to exit after the first month, limited spaces available)  


A small price to multiply your sales…for years to come.

Take action – call or email us so we can answer your questions



'Sales Secrets Success' Public Workshops


Learn skills that could triple your sales in five key (2 hour) sessions 

1.  Referrals without fear 

2.  How to get 'yes' when you ask for an appointment + gatekeepers 

3.  Connecting deeper with your client in seconds 

4.  The key to selling - finding the 'buying button' and knowing how to push it 

5.  Handle every objection and easy closing 

2018 Dates to be confirmed


Do You Have Questions?

Bill gets regular calls from sales managers and meeting planners who want to know how a business speaker or trainer can fit into their program and what value does he specifically bring to their event.

Here is a breakdown of FAQ's that he regularly answers.