More Ideas from Bill James ~ Issue 33 ~ November 2017

More Ideas from Bill James ~ Issue 33 ~ November 2017

Video 1- How do you stop price over-riding things like quality

How much does it cost?”
It’s the quintessential opening line of every potential customer. 
We are looking at a proven way to pull the customer away from the lowest price and how to re-position quality (or anything else you do well) as just as important.


Video 2 - Uncovering the dollar value of your clients  budget

A conversation with any prospect must tackle the sticky subject of money. One of the most challenging parts of that conversation can be uncovering their budget. 

Many of us are uncomfortable talking about money, but the reality is that if the prospect doesn’t have the budget required to hire you to do the work, you’re wasting your time and theirs continuing the conversation. 
This idea discussed will not only get the client to share their budget with you, it will have them move up towards the upper end of their budget.



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