More Ideas from Bill James ~ Issue 32 ~ September 2017

More Ideas from Bill James ~ Issue 32 ~ September 2017

Video 1- Do you leave 'Objections' to the end of your client conversation?

Objections are a pain point in a client conversation.Our suggestion to you is that each and every one of you will know what the two to  four common objections are almost every time you go and see somebody. They are the same ones, the  ones that always come up and we are crazy not to have something prepared for that. I’m amazed at the number of people I talk to who say “Oh yes that objection comes up all the time  and I find it hard to handle”.


Video 2 - Common Objections - " I'll think about it"

So let's look at a very common objection. You're doing your presentation, you get to the point where you try to close and they say 'I'll think about it" A lot of us just turn tail and run, but let's explore a couple of ideas about what you might do



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